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“G.L.O.W Club Empowers Girls Beyond Classroom Walls”

Annalicia Winnaar is currently running a girl’s empowerment programme called G.L.O.W Club (Girls Leading Others Wisely) at Kraaifontein High School. The aim of the club is to educate and empower female learners in various aspects of life such as their academic, social, communal, and personal lives. By providing discussion sessions and workshops, it aims to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to be productive, innovative, independent, and confident young women.

Through her dedication, Annalicia extended the horizons of her community impact project aimed at empowering young girls to embrace their innate potential in an ever-evolving world. Partnering with her school’s principal, Mr. Groove, Annalicia forged a dynamic collaboration with DHL. Their collaboration led to an incredible opportunity for these girls—to explore career pathways in Formula E sponsored by DHL, With the support of DHL and the awe-inspiring presence of female racer Naomi Schiff, the girls were exposed to a world of possibilities beyond the confines of their classroom. Schiff’s empowering words resonated deeply, igniting sparks of leadership and inspiration in these young minds. The impact of this collective effort went far beyond the classroom walls. After 3 days exposure to a fascinating world of Formulae E with DHL, 5 of Alicia Girls were selected to assist one of the first formulae e race in cape town.

Annalicia Winnaar, 2019 Teach The Nation Alumnus

It sowed the seeds of ambition and aspiration in these girls, encouraging them to venture into new territories of leadership. Annalicia’s visionary leadership, coupled with the support of her principal, Teach the Nation coach  Ismael Diaries and the partnership with DHL, expanded a path where these learners, particularly young girls, could dream of achieving the unimaginable assisting for the first time in Cape town to a Formulae E race in Cape town and an inspirational talk from the worldwide formulae E female racer Naomi Schiff.