Teach the Nation is developing a movement of leaders who will
expand educational opportunity to all children in South Africa, irrespective
of their social economic background
Support the effort to bring quality education
to the children who need it the most
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There are currently more than 14 600 teacher leaders that have made the commitment, will you? The network of leaders work across 54 countries in 7 continents: Are you ready for a challenge: Join our pioneering group of Young Leaders


Are you interested in shaping a better future for all South Africans? Are you looking to develop your personal and professional leadership through a life-changing experience? Do you want to be at the forefront of change in the country? Then this is the Graduate Development Fellowship for you.

What we do:

Teach the Nation is focused on developing a movement of leaders across the nation who are committed to putting an end to educational inequity.

Join the fellowship

The fellowship is an excellent way to serve your country that will impact the lives of millions of underprivileged South African children.


One day, every South African child will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Invest in the future of South Africa.
Gift quality education today!

Your contribution of only R4 200 will provide excellent teaching to a child for an entire year.

Our Core Beliefs

A culture of trust is important between schools and communities

Our teachers build a culture of trust between schools and communities that supports the development of students

Every fellow and student should be excited to be a South African

To build unity in the classroom and communities, our fellows advocate that South Africans be excited about their heritage and develop a positive South African identity

Innovative teaching methods will better prepare students for the future

We empower our teachers to use innovative teaching methods that will better prepare students for the future.

Supporting local education structures better serves high need schools

We empower stakeholders and systems in the local education sector to better serve high need schools and communities in South Africa.

Embracing diversity builds an inclusive and developmental culture in schools and communities

Our fellows are taught the skills necessary to use diversity as a strength that brings together schools and communities.

Keeping students at the centre of education is the key to generational impact

The student s at the heart of our leadership development systems and teaching methodologies