Invest in the future of South Africa.
Gift quality education today!

Your contribution of only R4 200 will provide excellent teaching to a child for an entire year.​

By 2025, the collective support for the movement will enable us to impact over 43 380 students in South Africa.

Our impact will be measured through:

  •  Improved academic results with a focus on critical skills subjects such science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business entrepreneurship.
  •  Increased government investment in education
  •  Family support & engagement in children’s education
  •  Attracting talent to the teaching profession to close teacher gap
  •  21st century skills including closing the digital divide
  •  Teacher in-service training and leadership development
  •  Healthcare & nutrition

By 2025, our motivated group of 723 fellows, placed in over 361 high-need schools in rural and township communities will improve learning  outcomes through holistic leadership development of students and fellows.

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