What are the contextual barriers that hold back children in South Africa’s underprivileged schools from achieving their full potential?

● South Africa, for the first time took part in the TIMSS Grade 5 mathematics test and performed second weakest of all participating countries (World Bank, 2018)
● More than ¾ of children aged 9 cannot read for meaning (Amnesty International South Africa report, 2020)
● Out of 100 learners that start school, 50-60 will make it to matric, 40-50 will pass matric, and only 14 will go to university (Amnesty International South Africa report, 2020)
● The teacher to learner ratio in the low income schools stands at 1:70 double; the stipulated ratio of 1:35 (Amnesty International South Africa report, 2020)
● Fee paying (richer) schools and independent schools perform much better than the poorer or no-fee schools that  constitute two-thirds of all school. (World Bank, 2018)

The Opportunity

How can we ensure all children in South Africa, regardless of geographical location or socio-economic status have access to an excellent education to live to their fullest potential?

At Teach the Nation, we believe that there is no single solution to a problem as complex and systemic as educational inequity. Addressing it requires many solutions, from many directions. While we cannot single-handedly solve these problems, we believe that we can act as a catalyst to build a formidable network of determined leaders who understand the root causes of inequity and are committed to challenging it.

Our Solution

The only way to address these complex and interconnected challenges is through collective leadership – and we propose building a movement of Teach the Nation fellows and alumni working alongside local communities, who are committed to developing local solutions.

Teach the Nation enlists South Africa’s most inspiring young leaders into a two-year teaching fellowship in high need schools.

The fellowship equips Fellows with teaching methodologies and leadership skills to drive impact throughout their careers.