Our Fellow-testimonials

Our Fellows share their experience of this life-changing journey...

Benefits of our Fellowship

Why you should choose our 2-year Fellowship

By becoming part of our inspiring pool of teacher-leaders, your school will know that you have the skills and competencies needed to change the lives of students in high-needs schools because of your potential to be a change-maker in classrooms and communities.

David Oliphant


YOU can't miss out on this unique opportunity:

YOU will be part of a MOVEMENT that transforms our communities & schools

FREE leadership development training & skills in digital methods of instruction, coaching and mentoring

ACCESS to our GLOBAL network in 56 countries with over 76 000 alumni

ACCESS to a dedicated coach and infrastructure to support YOUR growth as a LEADER

Strategic CAREER ADVANCEMENT opportunities after completion of the fellowship with government, corporates and non-profit organisations

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are committed to benefit our communities in need, will be SUPPORTED through coaching and mentoring

If you do not have a teaching qualification, you will receive a STIPEND while you complete your Post Graduate Certificate in Education


To apply for the Graduate Development Fellowship, you will need to:


Graduate with a 360 credit
(NQF level 7) degree or advanced diploma from a recognized higher education institution


Be a South African citizen between the ages of 22 – 35


Have a strong track record of demonstrated leadership, academic achievement, excellent problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and a can-do attitude

Application Process


Online screening and application


A video response interview to further assess your motivations for joining Teach the Nation.


All final stage applicants will attend an Assessment Centre

At Stage 3 of the process, you will meet our team and have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills.

Once you are successful at the Assessment Centre, you will be made an offer to join the Teach The Nation Leadership Development Fellowship.