Global Leadership

We are the global network partner for Teach For All in South Africa. As part of this global movement, we develop leaders that transforms the education system from within and through classroom impact - we call them Fellows. Our youth leaders/Fellows are hand-picked, not only from within the education system, but also from critical skills backgrounds such as engineering and other relevant professions. By choosing fellows from relevant professions and training them effectively, we are able to provide quality teaching to high-needs schools in subjects such as mathematics, agricultural science that supports holistic socio-economic development.

Education Equity

How do we tackle socio-economic and geographic location challenges? The education inequity due to these challenges is extremely complex. Addressing it requires multiple solutions and we endeavour to play our part as a catalyst to build a formidable network of determined youth leaders. Leaders who are trained and skilled to deal with the root causes of inequity, with a commitment of changing it with great compassion and patience.

Community Impact

The socio-economic circumstances in our rural areas have a physical and psychological impact on our learners’ ability to concentrate and learn. We observe and get involved in our schools and communities to offer solutions that impact teaching and learning. We have inspiring impact stories from our Fellows that show the impact we’re making in our partner-schools’ communities.


We’re trusted by local & international partners & network schools

Our Purpose

Facing the education crises

1. Business Leadership South Africa has confirmed that we have the society with the highest inequality in the world. 2. In a report from 2021, Failing to learn lessons: The impact of COVID-19 on a broken and unequal education system, the organisation highlights how students from poorer communities have been cut off from education during extended school closures. The South African education system is massive and supports about 13 million learners but is characterised by inequity and socially graded. Education scholars estimate that there was a loss of 60% of school contact time in 2020 and 50% in 2021. 3. To tackle inequity and learning loss in our high-needs/rural communities, we’ve developed a specific leadership model which has already started to manifest its impact, since our inception two years ago.
Partnership Opportunities

Collaborate with us to grow our existing projects

The Differentiator

What makes us different from other NGOs?

Global Network

We have access to global network partners and resources but operate independently with various local and international corporates. Our future of work includes projects and collaborations with partners to include unique offerings for our partner-schools.

Our Model

We hand-pick and develop teacher-leaders who are current or potential teachers from various backgrounds to change the education-crises from within. We use leadership as the basis of our transformation model.


Our mental models trains our Fellows and learners to be forward-thinking individuals with leadership qualities and skills that will shape their future. Our impact stories reflect the community initiatives that was shaped through our coaching and support.